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Umbrella Insurance

For Pryor, OK residents, basic insurance options can only cover so much. Many people never stop to work out the numbers. You can exhaust your coverage limits quickly, depending on the nature of the claim. That’s why umbrella insurance is an important consideration for those that may need a little extra coverage beyond the basics.

Umbrella Insurance and Why You Might Need It

Umbrella insurance represents policies and packages that offer coverage beyond your normal Oklahoma liability insurance. It can do this in a number of ways. When your liability insurance reaches its maximum payout limit, you will have to pay the remainder. In cases of major injuries, that can still leave you personally owing thousands of dollars, even after your liability insurance exhausts itself.

For example, if you’re involved in a car accident, the other driver may suffer an injury. Unfortunately, many injuries can easily hit that amount and go far beyond it.

When you add in pain and suffering, that amount owed can reach astronomical numbers. Even if you have more than basic coverage, and you should, there’s still the possibility your insurance won’t reach the full amount. That’s when umbrella coverage can help you.

Choosing Umbrella Insurance Options

It’s hard to anticipate the type of extra coverage you will need. At Safe Insure Plus, LLC, we can help you figure out just how much coverage you need, and what kind of umbrella options will work best for you. Generally, umbrella insurance can cover Pryor, OK residents in a few different ways.

  • Adding additional liability coverage (excess liability)
  • Covering extended family members
  • Adding more legal and defense coverage

There’s a tremendous amount of options available. Figuring out which options will work best will depend on an assessment of your risks, what assets you have, and the possible ramifications if you must face even one serious claim.

Safe Insure Plus, LLC offers a range of umbrella options for personal, auto, home, and commercial coverage. Give us a call to discuss umbrella policies for all of your coverage needs.