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Renters Insurance

One of the advantages of renting your home in Oklahoma is that you do not have to deal with the hassles of home ownership. Repairs, taxes, maintenance, and home insurance all fall under the responsibility of the owner. In many cases, you save money.

However this does not mean that you, as a renter, are free and clear of any problems. The owner’s insurance will not cover your belongings if there is theft or damage to the structure, as well as many other natural occurrences that could cause you to lose many of your belongings.

Renters insurance can also provide liability coverage in the case that someone is injured in your home. With medical and court costs, this can be a very valuable thing to have. Simply put, the homeowners insurance covers the home owner - not you.

The Dangers of not being educated on your Renters Insurance

There are also some gray areas when it comes to maintenance and damage, such as backed up drains and sewers. The sewers are obviously the city’s responsibility and the drains inside the building are the responsibility of the owner. Although, the city is simply responsible for keeping them working. In the event of a backed up drain or sewer, they only need to get it unclogged. If there is any water damage caused by this event, they are not likely to reimburse you for you loss.

Your local Safe Insure Plus, LLC office can explain to you the details of what insurance options are available to you. The right renter’s insurance policy can protect just about all of your belongings and protect you financially in the case of any accidents in your home. The cost of renters insurance in Pryor, OK is significantly less than most other insurance policies, and is therefore very affordable.

Fire damage and water damage are unfortunately very common occurrences. This is especially so if there are multiple people living in the home and if you tend to have guests over frequently. Are there children in the neighborhood or in the complex? Children increase the odds of negligent accidents occurring.

Visit a Safe Insure Plus, LLC agent in Pryor, OK to discuss the different options available for a new policy. If you are short on time you can always give us a call to speak to an Agent today about all your renter’s insurance needs.