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Equine Insurance

Equine insurance is a unique type of insurance that involves horses. Horse racing is common in most states around the United States, and Oklahoma is not any different.

For any resident of Pryor, OK who owns horses, you can get insurance coverage for your horse from Safe Insure Plus, LLC. This insurance has different options including horse mortality, commercial equine liability, horse farm package, and farrier liability, among other covers. They are discussed in detail below.

Equine Insurance Coverage by Safe Insure Plus, LLC

Equine mortality. Horses are quite expensive and they are considered an asset. For any horse owner, it is important to get a cover for your horse in case of mortality. This coverage protects you against any loss you may suffer when your horse dies of natural or accidental causes.

Equine liability. This is a necessary coverage if you train or breed horses for others. In the case of an accident that causes the injury or death of horses that don’t belong to you, and you are found liable. Safe Insure Plus, LLC can help cover these costs through our equine liability policy.

Commercial liability. This is a much more general insurance coverage. It covers the daily activities surrounding the care and nurture of the horses including boarding, breeding, racing, training, horse sales, and instructions.

Worker’s liability. In the course of working on your farm or ranch, the workers may be involved in an accident. This accident may be horse-related or just a general injury when working at the farm. This coverage allows you to cater for any damages that may occur as a result of such an accident, or if the workers fall sick.

Farrier insurance. If any person other than workers or residents of your ranch is injured within the premises, this insurance coverage caters for any such damages. The injury may be horse-related or not.

Equine insurance is compulsory for anyone who owns horses. Residents of Pryor, OK can get such insurance at Safe Insure Plus, LLC. Where our doors are always open to visits. If you are short on time be sure to give us a call and speak with an agent today.

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