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Oklahoma Homeowners with home insurance coverage

Home Insurance

Home insurance in Oklahoma does not have to be a headache. Safe Insurance Plus, LLC in Pryor can help you find the policy you need. Although all policies are different, your homeowner's insurance policy may include the following types of coverage:


Since your home is susceptible to damages by a variety of different types of threats, we are able to provide you with the policies and knowledge you need to protect your home. Additionally, other buildings that would be attached to your home would also be included in this type of homeowner's insurance coverage, such as your home's automobile storage area or deck.

Additional Structures

Usually your house would also require insurance for an additional separate garage, tool house, or fence which is usually part of your homeowner's policy with Safe Insure Plus, LLC. By reaching out to us, we can help you determine what is necessary to make sure you’re covered.

Personal Belongings

It is important to create a list of your expensive belongings to give to our staff so that we are able to ensure that you have the appropriate amount of homeowner's insurance to pay for the replacement of any of these items if you should need to submit your claim for any damage or loss. Your valuables can mean a lot and we want you to feel confident in case of their loss.

Additional Coverage

Often, homeowners insurance with our company in Pryor, OK, would give you the option to have coverage for fires, storms, and tornadoes. However, if you need any additional insurance coverage for other types of weather events, such as a flood or earthquake, you can seek to find out about these additional policy add-ons by consulting with our agents.

Reach out to our team at Safe Insure Plus, LLC in Pryor, OK for all the policy needs and questions you may have about home insurance. Also, try our online rating tool to see what home and auto quotes are available for you.