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Boat/Watercraft Insurance

We all have our Achilles’ heels. For some, it might be the adorable cat you have at home, while for others it may be the nefarious alpha of a dog you pet. When it comes to machines, everyone has their taste. This is among the reasons insurance policies were first formulated.

Your machine of choice might be your boat, one that you are crazy for. You have to protect your boat in case of an accident, fire, or vandalism and there are a number of policies that are available for the people of Oklahoma.

Loss due to vandalism

In cases where your boat gets vandalized, any losses that you incur may be paid for by the insurance company. Vandalism may form from the loss of parts on the boat or belongings that were in the boat, and all these may be covered.


Collision does not occur only on the road, at times, boats might run into each other. The insurance covered here is for damage to the boat, and if you choose to, protection of a third party.

Damage caused by uninsured boats

Third party insurance covers damage to another boat. However, your boat may be hit and damaged by a boat that is not insured and therefore cannot cover the damages to your boat. Reach out to us at Safe Insurance Plus, LLC to ask our agents any questions you may have about damage caused by other boats and how we can help prevent any overwhelming costs.


If your boat has been stolen, Safe Insurance Plus, LLC ensures that you have been reimbursed for the value of the boat. Theft can happen even from the water and we want to make sure that your boat is covered in case of loss.

Safe Insurance Plus, LLC wants to help you with all of your boating and watercraft needs. Reach out to our office in Pryor, OK to speak with an agent. Our door is always open so come visit us today!